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                        Updated Information On "Rock's Best-Kept Secret", THEBANDCC                       







      THEBANDCC has been classified as alternative/rock. Who cares?  Make your own judgement call, just don't dismiss might be surprised.
        It's the end of 2015. Plans are being made for the official release of THEBANDCC's latest effort.

Founded in 2008, Christine and Joe began writing material that would eventually become the ingredients for their first release, WINTER I. Though a bit of a "mish-mosh", this CD contained such staples as "Crazy", "Choices", and "Will It Ever Be Enough"...songs that would encourage them to find  other like-minded musicians to start up a full band.  With none to be found, Christine and Joe learned a slew of cover material and went out performing acoustic. This would be the case until 2012, when they finally found members they thought would complete "the lineup".
Four years later, THEBANDCC was stable enough to release WINTER II, a collection of their most requested originals and a few newly created songs. 2012 was full of shows in and around New York City to celebrate the lineup and CD, but alas, it was not to remain.
2013 saw some personnel changes, but it also saw the release of EVOLVE; a CD chock-full of material that, to this day, still garners new fans. This year also saw THEBANDCC take on an extremely charitable tone. They've participated in and hosted numerous charity events; all successes. This year was also highlighted with a few notable performances as opening act for signed, worldwide-known artists. What could possibly go wrong?
Mid-2014 saw the departure  and shifting of personnel yet again. Not content to sit around and complain, THEBANDCC  commenced writing material and "working with what they had". Well, 2015 is 3/4s over and guess what?
        THEBANDCC would like to take this opportunity to say  that their new CD will be released in early 2016! Snippets to come soon! And an early holiday gift as well...a huge welcome to Chris on drums!!!